We are Quobyte

We’re on a mission to make data storage truly software defined and unconditionally simple.

About Quobyte

While working at Google, Felix Hupfeld and Björn Kolbeck noticed the ease with which surprisingly small teams were operating the storage infrastructure fueling the tech giant’s servers and services. That’s when it hit them: their previous research and development for the distributed file system XtreemFS allowed for something along the same lines. The file system framework decouples storage from the physical hardware, liberating it by using smart algorithms. The result is a software storage system that is self-managing, reliable and scalable – all in one package.

The two followed through with the idea and founded Quobyte in 2013. With their 10 years of experience in distributed and storage systems and reuniting some of their former teammates from XtreemFS, they used the forerunner’s best parts and rewrote Quobyte from scratch, eventually extending the feature set greatly.

Today, Quobyte creates a product that empowers its customers to not only keep up with the exploding amount of data, but also to gain a competitive edge. It helps customers build a reliable, scalable and flexible software storage infrastructure.


Founder Bjoern Kolbeck

Björn Kolbeck
Co-Founder and CEO

Before taking over the helm at Quobyte, Björn spent time at Google working as tech lead for the hotel finder project (2011–2013). He was the lead developer for the open-source file system XtreemFS (2006–2011). Björn’s PhD thesis dealt with fault-tolerant replication.

Founder Felix Hupfeld

Felix Hupfeld
Co-Founder and CTO

Felix manages Quobyte’s technology and pushes development forward. Before that, he worked as a tech lead and capacity planner in Google’s infrastructure team (2009–2013). He was the architect and project manager for XtreemFS (2006–2009). Felix’s PhD was on distributed storage.

Photo Mark Lawrence

Mark Lawrence
VP World Wide Sales and Business Development

Mark’s career spans 20 years in both business development and executive sales management positions. He was most recently the VP of Sales for Arkologic, holding the same position before at sTec, which was acquired by Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.

Team Quobyte

Quobyte’s growing team is pushing the storage evolution forward, building a product that enables customers to efficiently deal with their storage infrastructure and quickly scale once the need arises.

Quobuts bring a rich and varied educational background into the mix. Apart from computer scientists, our team includes members with degrees ranging from a masters in philosophy to a masters in business studies and a PhD in computational chemistry. We value this talent pool of creative problem solvers, which enables us to create an ever better product.

Our Culture

Quobyte provides a dynamic, diverse and challenging startup environment. We believe in open and collaborative workspaces and encourage our people to share and discuss ideas and solutions openly. Together we can redefine storage through software.

To achieve those goals, difficult and complex problems need to be solved. We don’t count hours, but instead focus on outcome. Our team members are free to work when and where it fits their needs. What we care about is getting things done and collaboratively create a sustainable product and useful tool.

We help our team members grow in their current roles and learn new skills. Quobyte employees are encouraged to attend events and share what they do and their lessons learned (for example on our blog).