Don't let storage curb your creativity

Quobyte delivers the scale-out performance your workflows need, helps you securely manage large amounts of data and simplifies sharing across Windows, Mac, Linux, Object.

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Quobyte is the rock-solid foundation on which we build our media applications. It allows us to focus on delivering content to our customers knowing with absolute confidence that the data is safe. Also, the real-time analytics provide us with a granular visibility that allows for an incredibly sophisticated storage management.

Markus Prahl, MX1’s Vice President Global IT


Optimize Your Post-Production Workflow

Illustration traditional vs modern storage infrastructures
Unified Storage Enables Frictionless Collaboration

Quobyte provides a single storage platform and namespace for the variety of file types in the workflow and gives post-production teams fast access to their files. Each person in the workflow, whether on a Mac, Windows, or Linux machine can access the same file. These same files can also be accessed via our stateless S3 proxy for collaboration among everyone involved in the post-production process. Quobyte thus eliminates silos of content and delivers a unified storage experience for productive collaboration.

Quobyte for Post-Production
  • Increased collaboration and productivity
  • Eliminates needlessly copying, exporting, and uploading files between systems and platforms
  • More efficient use of network bandwidth and storage capacity
  • Eliminate management overhead and complexity
  • Automatic file prefetching for jitter-free playback of 4K streams from applications such as NUKE or Autodesk’s Flame

Performance to Fuel Creativity

Illustration traditional vs modern storage infrastructures

Quobyte Software Storage provides high IOPS with consistent sub-millisecond latency to deliver the raw performance compositing and rendering demand. The same Quobyte system also delivers parallel I/O for unrivaled throughput to support concurrent streams of 4K video with jitter-free playback – no more high-compression files.

Scaling Quobyte storage could not be easier – simply add additional nodes as needed, even on the fly. With reliability and data safety built-in, no matter how large you scale your environment, your data will be available to ensure the creativity in your VFX studio doesn’t stop.

Quobyte for VFX
  • High-performance shared storage to support all aspects of your media and entertainment workflow
  • A single storage platform eliminates data silos and promotes increased collaboration
  • Easily scale storage performance and capacity
  • Built-in reliability and data safety so your data is always available
  • No downtime for maintenance or when adding capacity or bandwidth
  • Easy administration – we have Ph.D’s in storage technologies so you don’t need one to operate your infrastructure

Flexible Storage for Broadcasting, VOD, and OTT

One Storage System for Playout, Streaming, and CDN Origin Storage

Quobyte’s software storage provides a single platform and namespace for storing video in any format. Its complete fault tolerance and automation capabilities ensure 24-7 operations – no need for human intervention even when facing hardware outages or running software updates and system upgrades.

A CDN needs an origin storage system that becomes a critical performance component on cache miss or application request. You need to reduce loading times, so your customers won’t have to wait for their videos. Quobyte provides the high throughput and scalable bandwidth needed – even on a single video.

By using commodity HDDs and SSDs, you can provide cost-efficient, scalable capacity and performance when it’s needed and where it’s needed. On top of all that, Quobyte is easy to manage, run, and extend to make sure that you don't have to scale your payroll when scaling your storage.

Quobyte for Playout
  • Software storage for a flexible and responsive infrastructure
  • Built-in fault tolerance for “always-on” operation
  • Cost effective, multi-petabyte content stores built on commodity hardware (HDD, SSD, NVMe)
  • Easily scale storage performance and capacity
  • Eliminate storage management overhead and complexity
  • Support for Mac, Windows, Linux, and S3